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Bay After Hours Veterinary Hospital
1450 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga

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Jazz, Jack Russell

Adrianne09/4/2005 – 25/3/2020 Jazz, nicknamed Bubba Jazz, became a part of the family in my first year of vet nursing school, she was a Jack Russell through and through and sparked my life long love of the breed and my career. Jazz was loyal, strong and loving...

Dog Attacks

It is usually a highly emotive event. The owner has just witnessed a snarling dog fight, their dog is in pain and they may have even been injured themselves trying to separate the dogs. There is blood, obvious wounds, shock. These situations are upsetting and very stressful for both the owner and their dog. And the damage can be Has your dog been attacked and you are worried? If you are concerned give us a call: 07 839 5656

Help My Cat Can’t Pee

If your male cat can’t urinate this is an emergency!   Initially you may notice them straining to urinate, digging lots of holes, painful urination (crying) and trying to urinate in places they wouldn’t normally.  This may mean they have a blockage,  inflammation  in their bladder making it painful to urinate or their urethra might be in spasm.

My Dog Has Eaten Chocolate

Christmas and Easter are especially busy times for us at the Waikato After Hours Veterinary Hospital (WAVH) as while families are at home or away celebrating with delicious feasts and treats, their pets take every opportunity to indulge in things that they shouldn’t. Often what animals ingest over these festive times can be very dangerous and even life threatening.