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Bay After Hours Veterinary Hospital
1450 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs: 6pm - 8am
Fri: 6pm - Mon 8am

Weeknight and 24 hr weekend emergency service

07 220 9775


Bay After Hours Veterinary Hospital

Monitoring Packages Available

Critical Care Package 1

  • This is designed for patients that have been stabilised.
  • There will be an initial and final clinical assessment done by the Vet.
  • Nursing care includes intravenous fluid therapy monitoring, administration of medications, feeding as required, urinary catheter flushing, 4 hourly TPR checks and pain assessment.

Your patient can be admitted under our Critical Care 1 Package if you answer yes to the following questions:
1. Is there an IV in place?
2. Do you consider it unlikely that the patient will need Vet intervention overnight?
3. Is the patient stable on maintenance or rehydration fluid rates?
4. Have you provided all medications/fluids necessary for your patient overnight?

*If you answered no to question number one  or four  IV in place or providing medications or fluids, your patient can still be admitted under this package, but there will be additional costs if an IV catheter or fluids are required, and for any medications administered.

Critical Care Package 2

• This is designed for unstable patients who require ongoing veterinary assessment of their clinical status and treatment/fluid plan. Veterinary intervention may be required in response to a changing clinical status.

• Treatment included: as for CC1 plus blood BP monitoring and ECG as indicated.

• Any further intervention would be at an additional cost eg. repeat bloodwork, imaging, oxygen therapy, intensive care, transfusions, anaesthesia, enemas, catheterisation, extra medications etc. These potential extra costs will be discussed with the owner upon admission.

We will endeavour to follow your requested treatment plan, but unforeseen changes in the clinical status of the patient can occur with any case. We will communicate with the owner if we feel we need to increase the level of care, or additional Vet intervention is required during your patients stay.

Please advise your clients that the monitoring package fee will be required as their deposit at the time of drop off to our clinic. Any additional charges will be finalised upon discharge with the owner.

Bay Location

1450 Cameron Road
Greerton, Tauranga

Phone:0800 BAY VET


Hours of Operation

Mon-Thurs: 6pm-8am


YES! We are open ALL weekend.

Friday: 6pm until Monday 8am
Public Holidays: 24 hours

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